Behind The Scenes of a Successful Exhibit Build

Posted on by K2 Team

Mark Miller K2 Design and Fabrication

A Solid Flow of Information

Production processes in the exhibit industry require a high level of communication and creativity to ensure projects move fast, on track, and are delivered as promised. But, in an industry where constant hurdles and hiccups are the norm, can this type of service be guaranteed? “Absolutely,” says K2 Production Manager Mark Miller.

“Interfacing with the entire project team from creation to completion is crucial to ensure our clients’ stories are told exactly as envisioned – on time and on budget,” says Mark. “It also takes a commitment to excellence that never falters, fails or forgets our clients’ ultimate project goals.”

Quality Operations

 width=Overseeing multiple projects at any given time, Mark is the lead production communicator responsible for planning, coordinating and directing the delicate details specific to each custom fabrication project.

“It’s a collective experience based on bringing a client’s branding message to fruition through efficient quality control operations,” says Mark. “I direct the short- and long-term project logistics to guarantee building capacity is maximized at all times, while adhering to schedules designed to meet even the tightest of deadlines.”

Efficient Planning

On a daily basis, Mark oversees all K2 team members by delivering immediate problem-solving skills, ensuring all necessary supply chain resources are ordered and available, and creating an achievable schedule that keeps projects moving to avoid backups. And, he never lets a finished product leave the facility unless it meets all of K2’s high-quality standards.

Mark’s ability to focus on each project’s successful outcome stems from 28 years’ experience in the trade show and theater set building industries. From setting up exhibits to managing labor and constructing visual structures, Mark is well versed in the intricacies of industry processes and accompanying branding strategies.

A Strong Team

At K2, Mark is highly respected for inventing creative solutions to assist the team in overcoming unexpected challenges, as well as for his in-depth knowledge and unlimited access to essential resources. He is also known for his commitment to constant communication to effectively optimize and streamline outlined project duties. Moreover, Mark’s follow-through abilities? Impeccable.

“I’m so grateful to work with such an excellent team of builders, project managers, designers, engineers, and account executives,” says Mark. “They rely on my services, and I relay and theirs. We function like a family by supporting each other in efforts to always deliver the highest quality products possible. I can honestly say that our clients are continually happy and so are we.”

When not overseeing K2’s projects, Mark can be found dirt bike riding, metal detecting, and spending family time with his wife and two daughters. He’s also having fun modernizing the family’s newly purchased home.