How to Build an Award-Winning Exhibit

Posted on by K2 Team

Think back to the last time you walked a massive trade show. You probably don’t remember the blur of booths sprawled across miles of crowded isles; however, you most likely walked away with visions of a few spectacular standouts. If so, what set these one-of-a-kind winners apart from the others? Were they created from a perfect plan or did their magic happen by chance?

“Show standouts develop from an extraordinary plan and vision, striking design and elements, expert fabrication, and always embracing creative energy,” says K2 Account Executive Carol Bjorn. “Each of these criteria are essential to creating a powerfully wowing product.”

Doria Wins. Again.

The K2 team took this strategically creative approach to produce a client’s award-winning, cool-vibe standout at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada. K2, in collaboration Santa Monica-based Doria, International Inc., created a captivating exhibit that was named on Exhibitor’s Magazine’s 2019 CES most remarkable exhibits list.

There were 4,400 individual exhibits featured at the 2019 show; 20 of them, including Doria, were selected as being the most impressive. In fact, this is actually Doria’s second win. Doria also made the 2018 CES top 20 list after K2 fabricated a style-centric, loft-inspired booth for the company.

“Creating a winner is never about having a rigid plan and hefty budget,” says Carol. “It’s always about becoming one with a client so that everyone’s creative vision, ideas and knowledge come into play. With Doria, it was about utilizing their amazing expertise in industrial design, as well as using vibrant color and modern elements to showcase their high-grade technology products. It was also about being confident in our ability to support and contribute to the company’s extraordinary dream.”

Hot Presence, Cool Vibe.

Doria’s 2019 award-winning, 20 ft. x 40 ft. exhibit was based on the company’s stylish, drama-like vision to use repurposed shipping containers in an L-shape configuration. Inviting kiosks and sturdy visual elements were incorporated into the design to effectively showcase products and captivate customers. The robust, black-and-red overhanging sign was internally lit to powerfully present their brand. The show space, including the shipping container interiors, offered a uniquely masculine, yet soothing respite for customers to browse, relax, and talk product and sales.

“The exhibit was downright fabulous,” said Eddie Lee, Doria’s Design Director.  “The exhibit style clearly reflected our desired ambiance and no-frills brand, which was essential to promoting our precision-made phone cases. Attendees were drawn to our environment making the show not only an astronomical success, but unbelievably exciting, as well. Our products soared and so did our customer relationships. We definitely left a prominent footprint at this year’s CES. This was our dream and partnering with the K2 team helped make it happen.”