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What Exactly is Experiential Marketing at Trade Shows?

Posted on by K2 Team

In our industry you hear the term Experiential Marketing or Event Marketing. We use it ourselves. But what is “Experiential Marketing” exactly? And why does it matter for your brand?

According to Berd Schmitt in the Journal of Marketing, Experiential Marketing , sometimes also referred to as “Event Marketing” or “Engagement Marketing”  differs from traditional marketing in how consumers engage. Schmitt states that, “Traditional marketing views consumers as rational decision-makers who care about functional features and benefits. In contrast, experiential marketers view consumers as rational and emotional human beings who are concerned with achieving pleasurable experiences.”

Within this model, Schmitt defines five different experiences that marketers can create for customers:

  • Sensory experiences (SENSE)
  • Affective experiences (FEEL)
  • Creative cognitive experiences (THINK)
  • Physical experiences, behaviors and lifestyles (ACT)
  • Social-identity experiences that result from relating to a reference group or culture (RELATE)

Tapping into these experiences can directly correlate to various goals within your marketing mix. Who you can convert into a lead or client, will be determined by how parts of your display create emotional reactions. For example, do your consumers primarily utilize smart devices to read their emails, news, social media and other content? Are they busy professionals with limited free time? Having a place within your activation that allows them to charge their phones while viewing a live demo within the space or video, will translate better than vertical banners and wall wraps with information.

Considering occurrences that shape event marketing displays is one area our Account Executives will address during a consultation.

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