Guy Cinq-Mars | Senior Account Executive

Posted on by K2 Team

“Deliver on what you promise. Be honest, honesty will always prevail. If you aren’t honest with a client it will come and get you.”

With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, Guy serves as a Senior Account Executive at K2 Design and Fabrication. Responsible for new business development and client relations, Guy regularly works with large, multi-billion dollar organizations ensuring that their market development programs are optimized for highest return on investment and exceeding client objectives.

Guy began his career “in the shop” where he built exhibits for 15 years, then moving to Project Management before his current role.  This background is a key component to the success that he brings forth today. “my build experience gives me the skillset to take client requirements and translate into a cost effective, user friendly solution for the client.’

His goals? Make the client happy and help the client look good in front of their boss.   Ensure that as a team, K2 exceeds the client’s expectations and that the program we deliver drives forward their business objectives.

Armed with the advantage of a good historical perspective of changes within the industry, Guy brings expert insights to the table for his clients. “The Industry has morphed, from really large heavy components to lighter components and now it’s a hybrid. Everything has come back around in style. The looks from past two decades are coming back in some ways. Everyone is trying to reinvent the wheel but at K2 we are trying to make the wheel a unique one that no one else has!”

Guy stresses he cherishes the integrity and family values at K2 that he is empowered to pass along to his clients. “At the end of the day, it’s still concrete to concrete when you get to a show and are waiting with your crate to load in and set up. You get there before the client and you leave after the client. If clients are happy, I’m happy. If they aren’t happy I’m pissed!”

After working elsewhere he admits, “I wanted to come back to a company like K2 because at other exhibit houses all you are is a number and all they care about is numbers.”

While his commitment to his clients keeps him busy year round, Guy, who recently bought a home in a resort community in Arizona, enjoys off-road adventures, spending time on his boat on the Colorado River, taking in the desert scenery, and traveling to the wine country.

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