K2 Project/Client Named Best of CES 2019 By Exhibitor Magazine

Posted on by K2 Team

K2’s design and build for Doria International Inc. for CES 2019 was named  one of the top 20 most impressive exhibits by Exhibitor Magazine.

According to Exhibitor Magazine,”held annually in Las Vegas, the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) isn’t just the largest trade show in the United States by every measure; it also sets the bar for global exhibiting trends at the beginning of each calendar year. The 2019 show featured 2.9 million square feet of show-floor space and more than 4,400 individual exhibits. And EXHIBITOR editor Travis Stanton viewed every last one of them (and has the blistered feet to prove it), including everything from big booths representing major multinational brands to small spaces where startups made their trade show debuts. After four days, more than 50 miles of aisles, and thousands of booths to consider, Stanton and the EXHIBITOR editorial team arrived at a list of the 20 most impressive exhibits from CES 2019.”

Special kudos to:

AE:                         Carol Bjorn

Creative:              K2 Design Team

PM:                        David Townsend

Shop Lead:          Adam Miller

Photos of the the project can be viewed on our Facebook page here!