New Ways to Engage Existing Customers at Trade Shows

Posted on by K2 Team

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You’re gearing up for annual trade shows or industry events you exhibit at every year. You know the drill, who’s who, what you need to accomplish, how to optimize your time talking about your brand. You are a pro at this however you’ve noticed every year more  brands are popping up and diverting attention. You’re well known, respected and have longevity, however you fear you are losing your existing customers to new exciting ventures.

Does this sound familiar? Most every brand deals with having to find new ways to engage existing customers.

Here are the three top ways to generate a reaction and promote engagement with existing costumers utilizing custom displays at trade shows or industry events.

Revisit the Feedback Cycle or Start One

Accessing past surveys, emails, testimonials and reviews is a great way to take the temperature of an existing customers. What did he or she like? Was the general consensus favorable or negative? How did they view your brand after the event or trade show. This is valuable information that needs to be collected. If you haven’t collected this type of information, now is a great time to build it into the workflow.

Testing Testing

Gather a small test group made up of your target audience members to engage with your  custom display before its debut. Solicit users for this test group via social media. An added benefit on your channels is the engagement it will generate. Ask for what you want and create an incentive if for participation. For example, you can post that you are seeking automotive industry fans and employees, who are available on a specific date and live within 10 miles of your location for user testing.

Showcase What’s New

Showing off what new product or service your company offers is a promising way to engage existing customers. Create exclusivity and intrigue by inviting past customers to a preview event. Intermix customer favorites for brand recognition and value while previewing what’s new and exciting to further engagement with past customers.

These past customers can be a wonderful asset to your brand at an event as they serve not only as users but also can be ambassadors talking up your product or service to others. Further, they may have a vested interest in your success and will provide valuable feedback for improving your experiential marketing for the next major show or event.

K2 can work with you to gauge past feedback and build new displays or renovate previously used displays to keep up in a highly saturated market space. Our longevity with many clients also serves as a tool for our account executives to customize new recommendations based on historical experiences, purchases and comments.

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