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Uncover the Mystery…. Five Timeless Exhibit Design Trends for 2018 and Beyond

Posted on by K2 Team

A new year is a new opportunity to reflect and plan for what’s next. Articles abound with hot new trends for the year. There are trends that come into the market every year, but are they really new? Or these so-called “trends”, tried and true standards of excellence that have stood the test of time for being highly impactful?

Stay on Brand.

Don’t get distracted from your core messaging. Consistency in brand is paramount.

Consistency of messaging from all market outreach programs isn’t optional; it’s required.  In 2018, your customers will encounter you company multiple times through many channels; make sure the message they receive is consistent. When strategizing for your next trade show, industry event or activation, don’t be tempted to go off brand for a location, anniversary year, milestone or as a reaction or counteraction to a competitors’ marketing mix. It’s ok to play with a theme for an event but the branding needs to stay consistent across all channels not just for this year but also for the sustainability of your brand experience efforts.


Logistics Rule

Easy Set-up, and easy to transport.

It can be easy to get wrapped up in designs that aren’t sustainable for the long haul or practical for implementation. The rendering may look amazing, but is it sustainable, are the life cycle costs in line with your budget? Good design ensures efficiency in transportation, optimization of labor costs for set-up and dismantle and the durability of materials. Adhering to these logistical rules is also a way to effectively manage reoccurring costs that the exhibit will warrant.


Clear Messaging

In 10 seconds or less you need to connect with your target audience. 

The fact of the matter is, if you have about 10 seconds to grab someone’s attention and they approach your exhibit space. Make sure your messaging and graphics create an immediate emotional connection to your brand. The response should be something that engages, excites or creates a sense of wonder.


Lighting is a worthy investment.

Multiple layers for general space (ambient), task and decorative lighting.

Lighting attracts, a well-lit exhibit space attracts attention. Too often in design, lighting takes a back seat to structure. A well-lit space will make you stand out from the sea of exhibits around you.   Just like your messaging, lighting needs to be a multi-layered approach – task lighting, ambient, product displays and decorative. The lighting needs to be appropriate to the space. Take into consideration what you are drawing attention to, make sure that product displays have good clear light that doesn’t wash out or alter your brand colors, use caution around AV equipment to much or misdirected light makes it difficult to view AV displays.

Quality Counts.

The old adage – The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten. 

A clean, quality, good-looking exhibit is part of your brand message and the perception of the quality is the responsibility of the exhibiting company. Quality is everything. Quality will ensure the longevity of your exhibit or elements of it you plan to use year after year. Good quality counts beyond any trend that can come into the market and it will stand the test of moving logistics and set ups/tear downs, changing consumption habits of the variety of individuals who will visit your activation. And since everything is branding associated with your company, client or product quality control will also help you stay on brand.

Stay on Brand – Understand Logistics – Ensure Clear Messaging – Lighting is Key – Quality Prevails

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